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Scientific Hotplate

Benchmark Scientific Ceramic Top Hotplate & Stirrer H4000-HS, 115V, 2 available


Thermo Scientific Cimarec SP131635 Stirring Digital Hot Plate for Lab Use 10x10


Frey Scientific 1324333 Advanced Ceramic Top 4 x 4" Hot Plate 120V


Fisher Scientific 11-500-49H Hot Plate Stirrer TESTED FREE SHIPPING


New Fisher Scientific SP88854200 Isotemp Digital Hotplate Stirrer 4 x 4 Top


Benchmark Scientific Hotplate Stirrer H4000-HS


VWR Scientific 400 Hotplate (33918-350) 120 V, 800 W, Prog. Hot Plate. Tested!


Thermo Scientific HP133425 Super Nuova, 7.25" x 7.25" Hot Plate. Tested!


Denville Benchmark Scientific Hotplate Stirrer Model H4000-HS


Fisher Scientific 11-600-49H 0 to 550°C, 7x7 in Isotemp Digital Hotplate. Tested


Benchmark Scientific Digital Hotplate & Stirrer H3760-HS, 115V, NEW


Fisher Scientific Isotemp Digital Stirrer Hotplate 11-300-49SHP 540 C / 1200 RPM


Fisher Scientific Isotemp 11-600-49SH Digital Magnetic Stirrer / Hotplate 540°C


Benchmark Scientific Ceramic Top Hotplate & Stirrer H4000-HS


Benchmark Scientific Ceramic Top Hotplate & Stirrer H4000-HS, 115V, NEW


Fisher Scientific 210T Stirring Hot Plate ceramic 7x7. Tested. Sl


Thermo Scientific Hot Plate SuperNuova+ Aluminum 7"x7" w/ Probe 120V HP88857194


Thermo scientific Super Nuova Hot Plate Model HP131725 7x7 w/Alum Probe Plate


VWR Scientific Heated Hot Plate Magnetic Laboratory Stirrer Cat. 38819-330 Works


Benchmark Scientific H3760-HS Digital Hotplate and Stirrer, 115V


Thermo Scientific Student Round Micro Hot Plate HP2305B 115V (6437)


VWR Scientific Standard Heatblock Stirrer Hotplate 13259-030


VWR Scientific 370 Hotplate And Stirrer


Vela Cole-Parmer Instrument model 03-10 Scientific Hotplate Stirring Stirrer


Fisher Scientific Isotemp Digital Hot Plate stirrer SP88857200




VWR Scientific 400 Hotplate Stirrer 33918-330


Thermo Hot Plate Stirrer Cimarec+ Magnetic SP88854100 4"x 4" 120V Scientific


Fisher Scientific Isotemp 11-800-49s Digital Stirrer Hotplate 7x7 #2


Fisher Scientific325 Hotplate / Stirrer CAT 33918-250


Thermolyne Thermo Scientific 12" X 24" Hot Plate 3200 Watt 240VAC - CLEAN TESTED


Fisher Scientific Hot Plate


Thermo Scientific S131125Q Cimarec Digital Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate w/ LED NIB


VWR Scientific Products Dylatherm 33918-432 Hotplate 940006


Fisher Scientific Isotemp Hotplate Stirrer 11-100-100SH


Fisher Scientific 1152016S Magnetic Stirring Hot Plate 120V


Fisher Scientific Isotemp Hot Plate / Magnetic Stirrer, 11-600-49SH, working